Red Bull Campus Clutch is a global esports tournament for university students designed for the most talked about, watched, and played, game of the year, VALORANT. With more than 50 countries taking part, this event is dedicated to all students aspiring to play like a VALORANT pro. Grab four friends, show off your flawless skills and see if you have what it takes to make it to the World Final, the climactic event where your team will be immortalized on the world stage. You can find more information on the official Red Bull Campus Clutch page.

What is Red Bull Campus Clutch? 

Red Bull Campus Clutch is the biggest global VALORANT tournament for university students. With more than 100 colleges and universities. The competition challenges student gamers of all levels across the nation to team up, represent their campus, and compete on the world stage to create history for their university and their country. To enter the exciting global event, students must rally up their team of five and register to compete across five phases: Qualifiers, Regional Semi Finals, National Wild Card Qualifiers, National Finals and then World Finals, where your team will be immortalized on the world stage.

How do I signup? 

Red Bull Campus Clutch is open to all students over the age of 18 who are enrolled in colleges and universities across the nation. Participating teams must include five members who are currently enrolled at the same university and players can now sign up to compete HERE. Red Bull Campus Clutch offers a level playing field and a starting point for any up-and-coming VALORANT teams to be recognized on an international circuit. Teams from more than 50 countries will have the opportunity to compete against players from all over the world, hone their skills, and understand what it takes to compete professionally. 

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